Saturday, January 28, 2012

Davos 2012 - most viral articles

Fisheye Analytics is at World Economic Forum in Davos: Like last year we will show, which of all those great stories created by the many Journalists and Bloggers on site have a social media impact. This year the annual meeting fostered 150.000 stories, blogs, tweets and more - but which of those really mattered to the reader? Which of those were shared, were commented or were linked to:

Here is our Top 7 pick - please note that the ranking still might change as readers continue to engage with the various articles. However do not expect much as most of the social media hype is over after 4 to 6h depending on the topic.

#1: Mashable wrote: "ACTA is More Dangerous Than SOPA" by Lance Ulanoff (@LanceUlanoff)
The stunning declaration came during what was actually an upbeat panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Social Media Impact: 10.555 or live stats here 
#2: CNN wrote: "Gates donates $750 million to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria" by Irene Chapple (@IreneChappleCNN)
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will inject $750 million into the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates announced Thursday at the World Economic Forum.
Social Media Impact: 4.508 or live stats here  
#3: The Telegraph wrote: "Google's Eric Schmidt predicts the future of computing - and he plans to be involved" by Kamal Ahmed (@kamalahmed1)
We are talking at Davos, the World Economic Forum conference in the Swiss Alps where some of the biggest names in economics and business come together for four days of discussion and deal making, argument and contract signing.
Social Media Impact: 2.902 or live stats here
#4: Bloomberg wrote: "Geithner Says Obama Won’t Ask Him to Remain Past First Term" by Ian Katz and  (@iankatz1000) and Trish Regan (@trish_regan)

On Europe, Geithner said leaders there are “making some progress. They got a lot of work to do.” [...] Geithner is due to arrive today in Davos, Switzerland, for the 42nd annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, his sixth trip to the continent since September.
Social Media Impact: 2.822 or live stats here
#5: BBC wrote: "The rich, worried about inequality?" by Robert Peston (@Peston)

The UK is certainly not alone in debating whether the widening gap between the super-haves and the have-littles is an altogether good thing. It is one of the big talking points here at the World Economic Forum, for an obvious reason.
Social Media Impact: 2.626 or live stats here
 #6: Mashable wrote: "Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore Earns World Economic Forum’s Leadership Award" by Stacy Green (@stacygreen)
The World Economic Forum Wednesday named its Young Global Leader honorees of 2011, and we’re excited to share that MashableCEO and founder Pete Cashmore has been named one of the Young Global Leaders.
Social Media Impact: 2.227 or live stats here
 #7: Harvard Business Review wrote: "Is the Next Karl Marx a Management Consultant?" by Justin Fox (@foxjust)
I got a press release last night from the World Economic Forum (presumably written in a Davos garret) headlined, "To Serve Society Better, Capitalism Needs a Redesign."
 Social Media Impact: 2.116 or live stats here

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Lutz Finger (@LutzFinger)

Friday, December 9, 2011

LeWeb 2011 - final stats

Thanks Loic and Geraldine for 3 days of leWeb

What were the stories which interested most out of the 70.000 articles? Which story created the most tweets likes, shares, buzzes etc... It was the story Instagram launching on Android which excited the most. 7 of the top 30 articles talked about it. The stories got more than 60% of the engagement of the top 30 articles.

And where is all the discussion on Karl Lagerfeld's first session with Loic? During Karl's and Loic's talk there were 2.000 tweets - but overall he created less then 3% of the LeWeb traffic. 

Moreover the blogs and news articles about him were not spreading. Ecrans managed to become with Karl the #27 of the most spreading articles (here the engagement on this article). But the other 80 news articles or 86 blogs did not spark any strong reactions from the readers.


Which sources are behind the most engaging articles? The leading publication was TechCrunch. Alexia's articles created almost half of the engagements of the Top 30 articles. 

The TOP 30:

Below the list of the top 30 articles, which created the biggest engagement.

1. Mashable: by @zoebfox "Instagram Is Coming to Android" - got shared over 30,000 times (check detailed stats) - Read full article 

2. Complex: by @ocugwu "Instagram will Come to Android" - got shared over 5,500 times (check detailed stats) - Read full article

3. Tech Crunch: by @alexia "Marissa Mayer Reveals What She Asks" - got shared over 3,500 times (check detailed stats) - Read full article

4. Tech Crunch: by @alexia "Uber Announces $32 Million In Funding" - got shared over 2100 times (check detailed stats) - Read full article.

5. Le Express: by @empaquette "Nicolas Sarkozy invite Loïc Le Meur" - got shared over 1,900 times (check detailed stats) - Read full article 

6. Tech Crunch: by @parislemon "Mark It Down: June 6, 2012" - got shared over 1,800 times (check detailed stats) - Read full article


Within 66.000 tweets - What was the most re-tweeted one?  See below:

205    Re-tweets: Hojoki launches at LeWeb as a Facebook-style newsfeed for enterprise cloud apps [Video]
183    Re-tweets: @LeWebGame testing.. - Sun, 04 Dec 11 03:16:46 -0600 #LeWeb
183    Re-tweets: Experience LeWeb with the first ever magazine for Flipboard, from Fotopedia
179    Re-tweets: @hvaudaux Besoin de développeurs? Bienvenue à LeWeb Coeus Solutions GmbH stand D7
175    Re-tweets: RT @TheNextWeb: Data Visualization: Day 1 of LeWeb by @CBM on @Shareables
133    Re-tweets: I'm at LeWeb'11 w/ @pppaolo @michaelreuter @duepuntozero @bdescary @darko156 @fullo
116    Re-tweets: @Guillaume_GG: Votre collègue est à #LeWeb mais pas vous ? Voilà de quoi l'accueillir dignement à son retour #niark
116    Re-tweets: In #leweb (@ LeWeb'11 w/ @julr @jnofrance @orondet @youngplanneur)
115    Re-tweets: ok so... #leweb11
115    Re-tweets: @stephpuchois #Instagram 14 000 000 d'utilisateurs, 60 photos partagées par seconde ... pour moins de 10 employés #leweb
100    Re-tweets: @ce_cile: La vraie réussite d'Instagram, c'est de faire croire à ses utilisateurs qu'ils sont de bons photographes. #leweb11
83    Re-tweets: @loic: Welcome to LeWeb!!! Follow our 3 live video streams
79    Re-tweets: @NETAPORTER: 'I have four iPhones and 30-40 iPads' - Karl Lagerfeld #leweb
68    Re-tweets: @Geekamaru: LeWeb'11 : Google va étendre le champ d'action de Google Analytics à tous les réseaux sociaux  #Leweb
66    Re-tweets: I'm at LeWeb'11 w/ @nenadcetkovic
63    Re-tweets: Google shows of Ice Cream Sandwich features -- including on tablets -- at LeWeb
59    Re-tweets: @LeWebGame testing.. - Sat, 03 Dec 11 13:33:40 -0600 #LeWeb
59    Re-tweets: @Bill_Gross: Karl Lagerfeld shows us live at #LeWeb how he sketches on his iPad. Here's a picture of his sketch of Steve Jobs: http:/ ...
58    Re-tweets: @frenchweb: [LeWeb'11] Comment suivre l'événement à distance

Thursday, December 8, 2011

8th December - most viral

LeWeb started slower today than yesterday... only 16000 articles. Who created the biggest SPLASH into the social networks? What were the most VIRAL tweets? has overtaken Tech Crunch followed by CNet. 


1. Complex: by @ocugwu "Flipboard launches iPhone app" - got shared over 5000 times (check detailed stats) - Read full article

2. Tech Crunch: by @alexia "Uber Gets $32M From Menlo Ventures, Bezos And Goldman Sachs " - got shared around 2100 times (check detailed stats) - Read full article

3. Tech Crunch: by @alexia as well " Mayer, Google’s “De Niro,” Reveals What She Asks Job Candidates" - got shared slightly over 2000 times (check detailed stats) - Read full article

4. CNet: by @stshank " Instagram photo app for Android is under way " - got shared more than 1600 times (check detailed stats) - Read full article

5. CNet: by @stshank as well " Google's Schmidt: Android leads the iPhone " - got shared more than 1600 times as well (check detailed stats) - Read full article

Other articles which made it to the top list were:
6. The Next Web: Facebook subscribe plugin for websites coming soon
7. TC: SoundTracking’s New Android App Has Spotify And Rdio Integration (So Yes, You Can Listen To Full Songs)
8. CNet: Eric Schmidt: ‘Android Is Ahead of the iPhone Now’
9. Techland: Instagram Says It’s Working On Android App 
10. The Verge: Eric Schmidt: Google TV on ‘Majority’ of New TVs by Summer 2012


What was viral in the thousand Tweets which went out?

1. RT @Guillaume_GG: Votre collègue est à #LeWeb mais pas vous ? Voilà de quoi l'accueillir dignement à son retour #niark 116 x Retweet
2. In #leweb (@ LeWeb'11 w/ @julr @jnofrance @orondet @youngplanneur) 116
ok so... #leweb11      115x Retweet
3. RT @stephpuchois #Instagram 14 000 000 d'utilisateurs, 60 photos partagées par seconde ... pour moins de 10 employés #leweb 115x Retweet
4. RT @ce_cile: La vraie réussite d'Instagram, c'est de faire croire à ses utilisateurs qu'ils sont de bons photographes. #leweb11 100x Retweet

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Most Viral at LeWeb

LeWeb is a stunning success. More participants, more entrepreneurs, more days... all is MORE. As well more media coverage. Only today there were more then 25,500 mentions of LeWeb (most of them tweets). But what is important? Which discussions really "move" the crowds? Fisheye Analytics sees how NEWs is spreading into Social Media.

TechCrunch managed to score the top 2 articles: 1. Soundtracking’s New Android App got more then 1300 engagements via social Media (see full Fisheye Score here) followed by Uber announcement of $32 Million In Funding (see full Fisheye Score here). Congrats @Alexia Tsotsis! Other sources which managed to be heard were:

CNet: Flipboard launches iPhone app (article)
Nouvelobs: Deezer : "Le téléchargement illégal est notre concurrent" (article)
9to5Mac: Phil Schiller approves of Flipboard for iPhone (article)
Clubic: TaskRabbit : un service pour arrondir ses fins de mois (article)

And the TWEETs of the day? Till now the most retweeted Tweet (202 times) has been:

Hojoki launches at LeWeb as a Facebook-style newsfeed for enterprise cloud apps [Video]

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Which news site or blog gets the most viral action?

Fisheye Analytics now measures sources. Imagine you're the Chief Editor of the New York Times and you want to know if it is worthwhile tying up with a social network to develop an in-network 'social reader' like the one that the Washington Post has with Facebook.  Now, you can get a clear, quantifiable idea of how profitable that could be for you from Fisheye Analytics.  In work commissioned by one of the biggest media groups in the UK, Fisheye now analyses the overall viral footprint of major news and blog sites to understand how each site performs overall in terms of frequency of social sharing, how long virality lasts on average and which social networks serve as the most popular sharing channels. We help media companies who are serious about upping readership prove their value to advertisers. Write us at to learn more.

Stunning improvements to your life via The Fisheye Media Graph

In our typical modest fashion (ahem), Fisheye Analytics has developed and rolled out something truly awesome for the time-challenged marketeer: The Fisheye Media Graph. Our new graphical interface is the perfect complement to the already state-of-the-art Fisheye Media Lens. It will help you first to understand the trends impacting your brand at a glance and then report on them INSTANTLY! And in keeping with the tradition of pushing boundaries in media intelligence, we've made sure that Social Media Impact is fully integrated throughout graphical analyses in the new Fisheye Media Graph. See where your coverage has been most viral, read the articles that have caused that virality and know how many times they've been shared, liked and commented on across all major social networks. 

What's more, Fisheye has included easy-to-read "Top Influencers", "Top Headlines" and "Top Retweets" tables, so getting a first-hand look at your most prominent buzz really is a breeze. Go check it out by clicking on the link to the Media Graph on the top right hand corner of the Fisheye Media Lens now!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Viral Views, Making News

The Arab Spring has been at once jubilant, tragic and hopeful. Fisheye Analytics worked with Trends Magazine in the Middle East to uncover the major opinions of gulf citizens on the protests and movements taking place in the region. We've seen the 'dangerous' power of social media to move the masses but the flipside of that is empowerment for all. All that data created by publishers like you and me becomes powerful, useful information with the right tools. Using our proprietary Social Media Impact algorithm, we were able to detect and quantify every trend or perspective on the Arab Spring's protests. We could see how viral every idea went. We discovered that the protests were not universally praised or condemned but that, in different gulf states, opinions were clearly divided along lines of proximity or association with each event. Furthermore, in cases such as the Libyan unrest, populations were unified in expressing concern over the destabilising, long-lasting conflict.  Read the full article here.