Monday, August 30, 2010

Redefining importance for PR at a story level rather than a source level

At Davos this year, Adrian Monck, the Head of Communication and Media of the World Economic Forum, asked us how to decipher which of their news stories were the most important. “We all know FT, WSJ and Mashable are important, but so far no one could answer the question, what was the most important story about us?”

In posing this question, our client was highlighting the difference between the significance of a source or of an author versus the significance of a story.

At Fisheye Analytics, we have always provided our clients with the most influential mainstream media sources or bloggers but doing it on a story level was something new to us (I guess to you too). Today, however, we are excited to announce that Fisheye Analytics has overcome this challenge! - We know now not only which story is the most important but also how important is each story in relation to others within the same context.

Sharing on social media

To determine the volume of interest and reactions a particular news story has incited, we look to social media for answers. People share news over Twitter and Facebook; they blog about it; they “like” it and they “dig”it. By tapping into these social media sharing channels and counting the number of times it is Liked, Retweeted etc, we are able to retrieve the reach of a news link. Its ‘Shared’ profile, so to speak.

Counting clicks - Beyond just sharing

A news article/blog post that is the most shared need not necessarily be the most read article. At present, only the webmaster of the news website can tell you how many clicks a particular article received. Because this information is not published, our engineers had to look into, which acts as a middleman for billions of links clicked, as well as Facebook and other such networks and, after ensuring statistical significance, they were able to retrieve the most clicked news articles - not just the most shared ones - for any particular brand, topic or personality.

Stories – Not just an individual article

Sometimes, it’s not just a single article which brand managers are interested in, but rather a story which might have been published in multiple articles in various publications. By using ‘story grouping’ and plagiarism detection techniques, we are also able to group them together and determine importance on a story level and not just on at the level of the individual article.

Mix all the above techniques and boom! What we have created is the latest tool for PR that has never been heard of before! Initial feedback from clients and agencies has been remarkable.

Please post your comments or questions and I will be happy to answer them. With constant innovation, Fisheye Analytics always aims to be a thought leader in media monitoring and analytics and this is yet another milestone.

If you are interested in getting access to a beta version of our media monitoring enhanced with story-level importance, please contact us at

Ashwin Reddy Gayam

President, Technology

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