Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Most Viral at LeWeb

LeWeb is a stunning success. More participants, more entrepreneurs, more days... all is MORE. As well more media coverage. Only today there were more then 25,500 mentions of LeWeb (most of them tweets). But what is important? Which discussions really "move" the crowds? Fisheye Analytics sees how NEWs is spreading into Social Media.

TechCrunch managed to score the top 2 articles: 1. Soundtracking’s New Android App got more then 1300 engagements via social Media (see full Fisheye Score here) followed by Uber announcement of $32 Million In Funding (see full Fisheye Score here). Congrats @Alexia Tsotsis! Other sources which managed to be heard were:

CNet: Flipboard launches iPhone app (article)
Nouvelobs: Deezer : "Le téléchargement illégal est notre concurrent" (article)
9to5Mac: Phil Schiller approves of Flipboard for iPhone (article)
Clubic: TaskRabbit : un service pour arrondir ses fins de mois (article)

And the TWEETs of the day? Till now the most retweeted Tweet (202 times) has been:

Hojoki launches at LeWeb as a Facebook-style newsfeed for enterprise cloud apps [Video]

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