Sunday, January 30, 2011

Navigating WEF: The Davos 2011 TOP 50 most viral stories

The WEF 2011 session is coming to a close today. With hundreds of journalists physically at the site and thousands around the globe following the event, the World Economic Forum is one of THE most prolific media events in our times. But how will the average public relations practitioner or journalist know which story he or she absolutely cannot miss? What are the must-read stories of Davos 2011? Using our social impact caculator, Fisheye Analytics has created the Davos Top 50 Most Viral List just for people like you.

Topping the list was BBC's coverage of the moscow bombing scoring 23066 shares over just 6 days since its publication on 24 January. Sure enough, Davos was only mentioned cursorily but we kept this article in the list because it serves as a benchmark for what constitutes true virality.  No. 2 and 3 in the list are surprise winners. Both are Italian articles published by Il Repubblico in which errant Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi gets a less-than-pleasant hearing.

Most interesting, several blogs scored far better than established press like Der Spiegel, The Guardian and the Wall Street Journal. Among the profilic ones were the usual hotshots Mashable, the Huffington Post and the HBR blog, but notably at no. 7 is Loic Lemeur's 7 Digital Trends at Davos and, at No. 48, the official blog of Navendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujerat.

The top 10 articles by social impact are shown below. The full list with links to the original articles can be found here.

Here is where the real value of the social impact calculator lies for marketers and PR folks: it helps you detect virality even of obscure sources that you wouldn't normally notice.

To create the list, we used our cutting-edge social impact algorithm. We uncovered the digital footprint of every single article as it was tweeted about, commented on, liked and shared on Facebook, mentioned in Google buzz and more. With no stone unturned and in an instant, you can see the tracks any news article or blog post is making on the internet using our cool tool.

All this is just one component of the Fisheye Media Lens, the super easy, super smart reading and analytics platform that we recently rolled out. Check out a live demo of the Media Lens or just write us if you want to try it with your own keywords. The social impact calculator is built-in so you see the hottest stories on the net with just one click. Easy. Smart.

Now that Davos is coming to a close, its about time the team takes a quick time-out for a well-deserved aperitif! Until next time...

Happy monitoring :)

The Fisheye Team