Monday, November 14, 2011

Which news site or blog gets the most viral action?

Fisheye Analytics now measures sources. Imagine you're the Chief Editor of the New York Times and you want to know if it is worthwhile tying up with a social network to develop an in-network 'social reader' like the one that the Washington Post has with Facebook.  Now, you can get a clear, quantifiable idea of how profitable that could be for you from Fisheye Analytics.  In work commissioned by one of the biggest media groups in the UK, Fisheye now analyses the overall viral footprint of major news and blog sites to understand how each site performs overall in terms of frequency of social sharing, how long virality lasts on average and which social networks serve as the most popular sharing channels. We help media companies who are serious about upping readership prove their value to advertisers. Write us at to learn more.

Stunning improvements to your life via The Fisheye Media Graph

In our typical modest fashion (ahem), Fisheye Analytics has developed and rolled out something truly awesome for the time-challenged marketeer: The Fisheye Media Graph. Our new graphical interface is the perfect complement to the already state-of-the-art Fisheye Media Lens. It will help you first to understand the trends impacting your brand at a glance and then report on them INSTANTLY! And in keeping with the tradition of pushing boundaries in media intelligence, we've made sure that Social Media Impact is fully integrated throughout graphical analyses in the new Fisheye Media Graph. See where your coverage has been most viral, read the articles that have caused that virality and know how many times they've been shared, liked and commented on across all major social networks. 

What's more, Fisheye has included easy-to-read "Top Influencers", "Top Headlines" and "Top Retweets" tables, so getting a first-hand look at your most prominent buzz really is a breeze. Go check it out by clicking on the link to the Media Graph on the top right hand corner of the Fisheye Media Lens now!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Viral Views, Making News

The Arab Spring has been at once jubilant, tragic and hopeful. Fisheye Analytics worked with Trends Magazine in the Middle East to uncover the major opinions of gulf citizens on the protests and movements taking place in the region. We've seen the 'dangerous' power of social media to move the masses but the flipside of that is empowerment for all. All that data created by publishers like you and me becomes powerful, useful information with the right tools. Using our proprietary Social Media Impact algorithm, we were able to detect and quantify every trend or perspective on the Arab Spring's protests. We could see how viral every idea went. We discovered that the protests were not universally praised or condemned but that, in different gulf states, opinions were clearly divided along lines of proximity or association with each event. Furthermore, in cases such as the Libyan unrest, populations were unified in expressing concern over the destabilising, long-lasting conflict.  Read the full article here.